Spring Vehicle Maintenance

Posted: 2013-03-06 in preventive maintenance
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Warmer weather is finally in sight.  Snow is melting. The sun feels warm… sometimes. We easily allow our thoughts to flash forward to chrome, wax, windows down, 100 kph.

Slow down. Your vehicle is coming out of hibernation. You hit some ice and bumps over the winter. As you drive, do you hear any new noises? Does it pull to one side? Any new odours? Does it vibrate or shimmy at particular speeds?

Now is the time to have your motorized investment inspected to reduce the possibility of a serious failure. Keep your vehicle in good health by having us inspect the following items:

  • tires
  • brakes
  • front suspension
  • drive train
  • exhaust
  • interior (cabin) air filter – often fogotten, but this IS the air you breathe
  • air conditioning
  • ignition tune-up

Oil is changed according to your distance driven, so it isn’t especially required to change it right now. When we change the oil, we also inspect the engine air filter, so that too should not be required right now.

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