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Ottawa and the National Capitol Region is the 7th coldest capitol city in the world. We get snow, a lot of it. It is easy to think that all-season radial tires work for all seasons. They do, but if you would like to give you and your family an extra measure of safety, seriously consider using winter tires during the frigid part of our year.

Transport Canada offers the following guidance for winter tire safety:

  • Install four winter tires – To help maintain control and stability of your vehicle in icy conditions, Transport Canada and the Rubber Association of Canada recommend that you install winter tires in sets of four.
  • Mixing tires with different tread patterns, internal construction, and size degrades the stability of the vehicle and should be avoided.
  • As a tire wears, snow traction is reduced. Tires that are worn close to the tread-wear indicators have reduced traction and should not be used on snow-covered roads or in severe snow conditions.
  • Proper air pressure extends tread life, improves safety, and reduces fuel consumption — all vital factors in saving energy and protecting the environment. Tire pressure decreases as temperatures drop, so be sure to check the pressures at least once a month when the tires are cold, preferably after the car has been out all night.

Winter tires are designed specifically for use on snow. Wide, high-performance tires are not for snow. All-season radials will do, but does it make sense to you to give yourself an extra edge?

You can identify snow tires by this logo:

Snow Tire Logo

We are committed to helping you as a new customer or a lifetime client drive safer. Be safe. Drive Fasta with Savasta.